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Stock Cufflinks Hot selling (

All Customers who order our stock cufflink must send us Model No/quantity/Unit price in excel.

Minimum order 5Pairs/design and 100pairs per order.if the style is not enough quantity in stock,minimum order is 50pairs/design for production.

Pripeak selected more than 3,000 styles hot selling cufflinks to meet customers' demands.we keep up-to-dated stock information with new manufacturing technology and design innovation, meaning we regularly unveil new cufflink designs. We have a diverse range of new cufflinks to choose from, in different colours, enamel designs, inlayed stones and patterns. They are all manufactured from superior quality materials by our efficient and skilled team.

Order any of our new cufflinks in bulk via our helpful customer service department and have them shipped to the UK, US and EU in quick time. We always keep our delivery deadline promises when serving our online retail and wholesale clients. Email to discuss your requirements.


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86 1342 5103 219

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